How long do I need to wear braces?

How long do I need to wear braces?

Every patient who decided to set braces think about how long he will have to wear them. In this article we will try to respond to this question.


What determines the duration of orthodontic treatment (duration of wearing braces)?


The duration of treatment depends on a huge number of factors. First of all, it depends on the complexity of malocclusion and patient’s peculiarities. For example: children’s correction of occlusion occurs faster than the adult patients because at this time there is active growth of the jaws.

If the treatment plan involves the removal of the teeth all changes of bite in place of extracted teeth will require more time than in the case of changing without removal. The presence of prosthetic teeth or dentures makes treatment more complicated. Chronic periodontal disease may increase the duration of treatment.


So how much will I wear braces?

In each case, the duration of treatment is individual, and the answer on this question you will get only after consultation with the orthodontist. In the most cases doctor usually tells the approximate time of wearing braces after the first appointment. But in the course of treatment new facts can be occurred which may lead to a small (1-2 months) changes in the duration of treatment.


Without examination of the patient we can speak only about theoretical duration of treatment.

  • In the case of a slight cosmetic defect, the duration of treatment may be from a few months to a year. Although almost all people have such problem, but usually it do not bother people, and they rarely go to the orthodontist.

  • Those patients who are usually treated by the orthodontist require more extensive treatment. Such treatment usually lasts from one to two years. Particularly

  • Especially difficult cases require orthodontic treatment for more than 2 years. In such cases surgery can be used.

  • Speaking specifically about the maximum duration of orthodontic treatment, in international practice were cases of treatment up to 5-7 years. But this can be considered to be an exception.


Is it possible to speed up an orthodontic treatment?


Unfortunately, we can not speed up orthodontic treatment (reduce the time of wearing braces). But patient can slow this process down. To do this, it is enough not to follow the recommendations of your doctor, not to take care of hygiene and not to visit regularly your orthodontist.