Types of braces (of bracket systems)

Types of braces (of bracket systems)

invisible braces There are many types of bracket systems on the orthodontic market. Each producer advertises his braces. Dental clinics buy a certain type of braces and advertise them on their websites. But not any bracket system will fit you in your particular situation.

Unlike the old methods of treatment in modern orthodontics is often used quite invisible construction - braces. Modern braces allow correcting the malocclusion without changing way a human life.

So, analyzing the degree of malocclusion, age, needs and wishes of the client, orthodontist will offer the best solution to fix the bite. Orthodontic treatment takes usually great period of time, so it's important to choose the right braces. Bracket system should be convenient and does not cause discomfort to the patient, so that the process of correcting malocclusion of the teeth does not interfere with his daily life.

The variety of bracket systems provides great opportunities for choice.

1. Types of braces by position relative to tongue
- Internal (lingual). They are set on the inner side of the teeth, from the side of the tongue. A huge plus of the lingual braces is not only their invisibility, but also to the remnants of food on it. Disadvantages of lingual braces:
it is difficult to get used to them - they make tooth brushing is extremely difficult
they distort speech in the first two weeks after their installation
- Vestibular (external) Disadvantage of external braces is that they do not make smile as attractive as lingual braces. On the other hand their visibility depends on the material from which they are made of.

2. Types of braces according materials they are made of.
- Metal.  It is the most common type of braces. As the material is used alloy of nickel and titanium. Although the metal braces are very visible, they have important advantages:
- They are durable
- They are relatively inexpensive
- They do not fade
- Treatment with them is not so long

- Gold. It is a type of metal braces. They are made of medical steel and are coated with gold. . In fact, gold braces have been developed for people with stomach diseases.

- Plastic. They are popular because of their low price and the possibility to choose the tooth-colored plastic. However, in plastic braces have serious disadvantages
- They are often broken
- They can be easily colored
- They can be a reason of allergies
- They slow down the speed of treatment

- Sapphire. As a material are used artificial sapphires. Advantages of sapphire brackets:
- Their invisibility, strength
- They can not be colored
- do not cause allergies. 
Sapphire braces have two disadvantages.
High price.
- They can not put children and teenagers, because their enamel is not so strong

Ceramic. They combine the advantages of both plastic and sapphire braces.
- Advantages
 - You have possibility to choose the tooth-colored
- They can not be colored
- do not cause allergies
- The price is much lower comparing with sapphire braces

3. Types of braces according the method of fixing to the orthodontic arch.
Ligature Disadvantage of the ligature fixing is that it does not allow the braces to move free along the orthodontic arch. This leads to numerous visits to the doctor in order to reinstall the ligatures.
Self-ligating. They can move along the orthodontic arch and it determines the benefits of self-ligating brackets:
 they increase the speed of treatment
-they are less visible than the ligature braces they reduce the number of visits to the orthodontist сause less discomfort.