What is the price of braces?

What is the price of braces?

golden braces Dental braces help to correct the malocclusion of children and adults. Many people give up such idea because they believe that the price of braces is very high.

But the huge variety of designs allows you to choose braces, which meet the financial capabilities of every patient. How much will cost braces for you, you can find out only after consultation with a doctor.

Total price bracket will consist of the following:

1. Price of full examination and treatment of the oral cavity, as well as other dental preparation procedures.
2. The price of the braces. PRICE of the brackets depends on the material which they are made of, and a method of fixing. The cheapest option is metal braces. But if you want sapphire braces, they will cost much more, but the aesthetic appearance will be great. Also the price brackets depend on their location: ligature is the most expensive, vestibular – the cheapest. .
3. Price for fitting. The price of it depends on the level of the clinic and orthodontist. After all, how many hospitals - so many different prices are offered. If equipment in dentistry is modern and expensive, the price for dental services will be also high. And who wants to save money, you can go to the little private clinics - but the quality of treatment may be lower.
4. The price of regular cares for the period on which dental system were set. And the price will depend on the level of orthodontic clinic.
5. The price of taking away. Removing braces and polishing the surface of the teeth - is painless dental procedures, which price is not high.

To set braces is the procedure, the price of which depends on several factors. There are various brackets system and different price for them. For example, the most expensive are considered to be lingual braces, and the cheapest - conventional metal braces. But the cost of braces is only part of the amount for orthodontic treatment in general.

Here are several factors that affect the total price of braces. But specific price you will distinguish only in dental clinic.