About UpForSmile

UpForSmile is a company that holds a strong position in the market of dental services and products in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China and India. They have a good reason to say so, because they:


- work as an exclusive distributor of well-known all over the world dental equipment, instruments and consumables;


- produce endodontal, light-curing, flowable and chemical materials in close cooperation with the manufacturers from United Kingdom and other countries;


- together with the Ministry of Health they are releasing textbooks and specialized literature for dentists;


- organize seminars for dentists and dental technicians;


- introduce our working practices and innovative technologies in successfully operating dental clinics;


- regularly take part in the international dental exhibitions, where expose not only their products, but also products of their manufacturers, giving opportunity to share knowledge and years of experience of working with leading dentists and dental companies around the world, and offer consumers the latest technology, equipment and Materials.


All this can be characterized by the company motto: "All for effective dentistry."